All our merchandise is new and unused and before shipment to you every shaver or trimmer is carefully checked and adjusted using nylon filament to ensure correct cutting action. Our shavers and trimmers are highly reliable with hundreds of thousands sold worldwide with a 99.9% satisfaction rate. 

We NEVER sell used or refurbished personal use items such as shavers or trimmers for obvious health, hygiene reasons and potential transference of bacteria and communicable skin diseases. 

Buying any item like our shavers and trimmers, intended for intimate personal use, is not like buying a pair of shoes which can be easily returned and resold. Any personal use items that are returned have to be scrapped and cannot be resold under any circumstances. Walmart, Target and many other big store names will not let you return items of a personal nature and we are no different in this regard. 

Most people understand that if any manufacturer accepts returns, then it is highly likely it has been returned before. repackaged and resold. While this would not be a problem in the case of say a purse, in the case of a pubic shaver or trimmer, this practice is simply unacceptable could possibly cause unintended health consequences. 

For this reason YOU MUST MAKE SURE that you know exactly what you are buying and compare our description, product weight and dimensions and other specifications to other pubic shavers or personal shavers available. We give a full description, measurements, size, weight and pictures. If you are not sure of anything please let us know BEFORE buying. 

Our products are designed in the USA and manufactured from quality, internationally sourced components and carefully assembled in the P.R.C. In the rare case of a complaint, we find that poor shaving technique, mostly by those used to shaving with a safety razor, and this is almost always the cause of dissatisfaction, but easily rectified. We urge you to contact us if you have any concerns or questions about your purchases. 


We want you to be satisfied with your purchase. If this is not so, please contact us to tell us exactly what is wrong as we can often diagnose and resolve issues without any need to return purchases. 

From experience we find that misunderstandings and failure to follow the product instructions are the most common causes of dissatisfaction. We are always happy to explain and assist, if you contact us with full details of any difficulty. Make sure to first read our hints and tips on personal body shavers & trimmers and also our questions and answers section. 

If you are still not satisfied with our products or our suggestions to assist, you must FIRST email us for an RMA number and return instructions. Returns without an RMA will be refused as they will not be recognized by our administration system. Returns MUST be delivered back to us within 30 days of purchase date (45 days if purchased abroad). If there is a manufacturers defect, we will refund your purchase price less shipping costs which we cannot reclaim.  Refunds cannot be given for changing your mind or failing to use the product correctly according to the instructions. We will not refund any money if the items purchased are used incorrectly or have been frivolously purchased as a gift or without consulting the intended user who may not want an item like a personal body shaver.

As with any product, there is a right way and a wrong way to use them. For our personal shavers and pubic trimmers, it is VITAL to regularly oil and clean away accumulated hair residue underneath the blades of both trimmers and shaver foils or screens. Periodically adjust the shaver blade clearance against the foil, as shown in the instructions or the shaver will not be able to cut correctly. 

For those not familiar with using a foil shaver or micro trimmer, the skin must be completely dry and free from skin oils. You must also cease using a razor blade or safety razor for at least a couple of weeks, as the use of razor blades make the hairs lie down next to the skin and prevent the hairs from standing up and away from the skin. Unless the hairs are short stubble length and stand up to poke through the holes in the foil,  no shaver of any brand or make, will be able to cut them. Unlike wet shaving you need to shave against the direction of hair growth. Skin damage may occur if you press down too hard on the foil or blades or move them across the skin too fast for the blades to cut correctly. This may also cause an uneven shave and a feeling that the blades are "pulling" rather than cutting. A slow, firm movement of the shaver or trimmer across the skin is the best way. 

It helps to use a rough wash cloth or loofah to exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin which may be covering the hairs. You should keep the skin taut with your free hand while shaving with the other hand. The hairs have to stand up and away from the skin as no foil shaver can cut hair that lies down close to the skin, and 

Trimmers and shavers will also need cleaning and oiling or they may stop or slow down. Trimming all hairs longer than short stubble, BEFORE using the shaver is also VITAL. Your trimmers will not work well if you use bad quality or partly discharged batteries.  

Periodically sterilizing the trimmer blades and the skin side of the shaver foil with rubbing alcohol, aftershave, cologne or hydrogen peroxide, will kill any accumulated bacteria and remove body oils from the skin which will prevent future skin irritation or rash. 

Personal shavers and bikini trimmers should not be shared with other people to avoid transference of bacteria.