Going hairless is not for the timid. Baby-smooth skin draws attention to your body, creates a uniform appearance and benefits some athletes.

For women, hairless skin feels softer and more touchable and makes them feel more feminine. Brunettes especially often prefer to remove dark hair to create a silky appearance.

For men, smooth skin draws attention to muscle definition. It also eliminates the difficulties that arise when shaving some body parts but not others, such as a shaved chest with hairy arms, which otherwise requires trimming and tapering to create a natural look.

Women have softer hair than men, but many women still prefer the uniform, silky look of hairless skin. For ladies with dark hair, removing peach fuzz also helps to even skin tone.

For men, body hair camouflages muscle tone and hides the hard won rewards of working out. Removing all hair shows off six-pack abs and chiseled arms. For both sexes, shaving the entire body addresses the problem that arises when shaving one area and leaving nearby skin unshaven. A women who shaves the dark hair from her lower arms often has trouble creating a natural-looking transition to the softer hairs on her upper arms. Likewise, a man who shaves his chest but not his arms or shoulders inadvertently creates an unnatural look. Shaving eliminates the problem by leaving a uniform appearance. 

Other people remove body hair to feel more hygienic. Though hair itself is not actually unsanitary bacteria causing odor hides in the roots of the hairs and many feel cleaner and more comfortable without it. 

Some athletes remove body hair to compete. Cyclists shave to reduce injuries when falling off their bikes, as body hair acts like a microscopic layer of Velcro that connects with concrete to tug and tear the skin. Swimmers remove hair to reduce water resistance and heighten skin sensitivity, which boosts reaction times. Body builders nearly always remove hair to better show off their physiques.

For many men and women, going hairless creates a uniform appearance and draws attention to all the right places. Removing all of your body hair is easier and more practical that shaving some areas but not others, since you avoid the hassles of trimming and gradient shaving. Many find that they feel cleaner with smooth skin, which makes them feel more comfortable in their own bodies. In certain sports, hairless skin even lends a tiny boost to performance or reduces injuries.
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