Body Grooming Shows You Care About Your Appearance

Grooming the hair on your head, brows or anywhere else, shows you CARE about your appearance. If you DON'T CARE about this that is your prerogative and you certainly do not have to apologize to anyone for being hairy. It is your choice and also that of your boyfriend, which is the only thing that matters.

You also have the freedom of choice to take off all your clothes and jump on a cactus, but this does not mean that you should.

It is worth stating that if you were unattached, your chances of becoming "attached" in a long term relationship are far less, if you show you don't care about your appearance.

Non shaving feminist minded ladies often state that their hairiness does not stop them from having sex. The implication of this seems to be that hairiness does not stop them from being attractive. It is well known that men may become temporarily blinded by passion or a few too many beers. In extreme cases over sexed and desperate men may not care about the looks of their partner, being driven by their raging hormones and the "urge to merge". Such men have been known to have sex with sheep and other hairy animals, albeit on a one night stand basis. A women's failure to do even minimal body grooming, is probably not a good predictor of maintaining a long term relationship with a man who is not a hair fetishist - and yes they do exist.

So in the morning if you gaze at your newly found lover, who in the light of day and now very sober, can see you in all your hairy magnificence, do not be surprised if you get the " I'll call you" line before he hurriedly bolts from your bedroom. Then you can say "Well I did not really like him anyway as he was too hairy".

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