Causes of ingrown hairs - prevention is better than cure


This article misinforms its readers in stating that shaving is the cause of ingrown hairs but fails to mention the other methods that can cause ingrown hairs. 

 Beauty writers and editors need to differentiate between an electric personal shaver with blades that do not touch the skin, and a safety razor or straight edge razor which both scrape away the protective outer of skin, the epidermis. These razors remove unwanted hairs as well as this layer of skin and also its precious natural skin oils, that later on, you pay big money to replace with artificial oils, to combat dry irritated skin. 

 The article also fails to mention that the other major causes of ingrown hairs, apart from wet shaving with safety razors is - waxing and using epilators. 

Waxing and using an epilator work by pulling out hairs. This pulling can break off hairs just under the outer skin level - the epidermis - leaving the jagged broken tip of the hair shaft to catch on the underside of the skin. The hair shaft will continue to grow and as the tip is caught under the skin, it grows sideways causing infected red bumps, and discoloration which are the hallmarks of ingrown hairs. 

 There are many good personal electric shavers to choose from, which are quite different from the male face and beard shaver. Use "personal shaver" as a search term or something similar, to see the various offers. Check also that the foil holes are graduated in size to accommodate the different hair types and textures. Don't buy one where all the foil holes are the same size.You should not need to pay more than $50.00.
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