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We do not rejoice in the fact that we have again been vindicated in advocating caution with many of the hair removal options that some people use. This story is a sad and salutary lesson that you need to read and follow the small print on any product instructions especially in the case of hair removal methods.  It is all too easy to permanently scar and damage sensitive skin in the rush to remove unwanted hair by relying on incorrect information and rumor.

The old wet blade razor damaged and irritated the skin and cause rash bumps and ingrown hairs. This was the stimulus for  the development and massive advertising of laser hair and chemical hair removal.   But no so fast.

After all you can use a generous application of lighter fluid and a match to remove unwanted body hair.  It is cheap and very quick too although the long stay in the hospital burns unit probably make this innovative idea less appealing.

While this may sound marginally more than ridiculous, this the kind of thing you are doing if you use caustic hair removal cremes and gels on sensitive areas. But wait paint stripper also works to remove hair and skin.  Just send $1.99 and I will rush you a can plus $9.99 shipping and handling.

Equally laser hair removal literally burns the hairs away piece meal. You are taking a chance if your laser technician at the local salon, having sold you on the lie of permanent hair removal, is clumsy, poorly trained or using the latest cheap or badly calibrated laser equipment just arrived from China.  In effect you may as well use lighter fluid or hair removal creme but the only thing that may be permanent is the damage to your skin.

Electric personal or pubic shavers have evolved greatly so it might be the time to check your options out in this arena as summer days on the beach are not far away.

The captains of insutry cannot be this far wrong about the real cost and safety benefits of shaving.  Shaver sales are soaring!
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