What needs to be recognized from the start is that no laser or IPL procedure removes hair permanently is often claimed. Lawyers allow them to say however their device may "permanently reduce hair growth" which is not the same and not how the devices and procedures are marketed.
Bad experiences with razor blades are what has led to the evolution of
laser hair removal and the watered down cousin IPL or Intense Pulsed Light devices .  
But consider this, the average laser tech at your local salon requires between
7 and 21 days to be "certified" (with rubber stamped approval) to operate and calibrate a surgical machine that can severely burn and scar your skin. Despite the hype and hoopla laser hair removal is often not permanent and the FDA does not permit this procedure to be called permanent - but the skin burns, increasingly more common these, ARE unfortunately very permanent.
Without doubt, some fully trained Doctors of dermatology can perform safe
and effective laser hair removal. So if you decide on this method, make sure
the laser operator is actually a dermatologist trained to use a laser. It is not
enough to go to a salon claiming the laser is used under medical supervision
of a doctor. In reality the doctor may actually be on vacation in Hawaii and unable
to supervise anything more than a Pina Colada or a round of golf, let alone the
safety of a surgical procedure in a salon miles away. The doctor-in-charge at a
salon may actually be a dentist or even a podiatrist, and while these are indeed
medical doctors in their field, their training and experience may have nothing
whatsoever to do with dermatology, as applied to laser hair removal.
The laser tech at your local salon, to which you entrust your delicate skin,
may in fact be just weeks out of an Internet based school of laser hair removal,
before being licensed with rubber stamped approval to operate on you,
with or without adequate medical supervision.
IPL devices at a not a small insignificant cost, may work to reduce hair growth,
even though its strength has to be watered down for home use to avoid being
called a medical device with attendant regulations. The hair removal results vary
very considerably and some users find the smell of singed hair far from attractive.
Most IPL devices come with a satisfaction guarantee "or your money back"
but it is a real endurance test to actually get your money refunded.
With a relaxed return policy the returned IPL device is almost always
repackaged and sold again, although the fact that it has had a previous owner is often not disclosed. You see these used devices sold in their thousands at a discount on various auction sites. This begs the question as to why they have
been returned and resold. if they do not work for the original user.
If used for pubic hair removal, for obvious health reasons, most people would prefer
to buy a hair removal device that is brand new, not pre owned.
which provide smooth as waxing or smooth as a razor blade hair removal but no rash, shaver bumps, nicks, cuts or ingrown hairs. The cost for two years of safe smooth hair removal at home, is 10% of many IPL devices and the shaver is guaranteed to be brand new and unused.

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