Ingrown hairs can occur if you wet shave with any razor blade or if you wax pluck or epilate. However ingrown hairs and painful skin infections can all be avoided if you follow this advice!

Stop waxing, shaving with a naked razor blade or safety razor, epilating.

The razor blade or safety razor cuts hair at or below the skin level at an angle. Waxing can break off hair at or below skin level. Then the remaining jagged hair gets from waxing shaving or epliating gets caught under the skin and grows sideways and downwards to cause painful red bumps & skin infections.

If you already have ingrown hairs, you can tweeze a few out or exfoliate with a rough wash cloth or loofah to remove the dead skin that is trapping the hairs. Then apply a fragrance free, white solid stick deodorant, NOT gel, to aid in healing.

Never wet shave with a naked safety razor blade, you strip away natural skin oils and also the top layer of your skin, the epidermis, along with the unwanted hair. This damages the skin and it responds by getting red, angry and itchy while it tries to repair itself. All razors scrape away the skin along with the unwanted body hairs and the painful, ugly red bump problem or shaver rash is the result. Then you waste tons of money trying to repair the skin damage with lotions, potions cremes and bump fighters. 

The simple answer is to stop wet shaving with a razor blade of any description. This is exactly what gives you nicks, cuts and a lack of shaving smoothness after the water based lather is rinsed off and your skin dries out exposing the uncut base of the hair shaft.

The safety razor blade replacement cartridges cost a fortune and a new blade ot multi blades make no difference to the damage caused by the razor. With multi bladed shaver blade cartridges, as the first blade gets blunt or dull, it stops the blades behind it from cutting effectively. If you add on the huge cost of all the cremes, lather etc and the bill is sky high for a poor hair removal result - much more than $100 per year. This is compared to an electric personal shaver & trimmer costing say $50 which has long lasting self sharpening blades needing to replaced once a year.
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