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When you consult the bathroom mirror before heading out to the clubs, you begin to analyze what a potential mate might see. Any unwanted body hair you find to be an eyesore, needs to be removed. Who wants to be feel self-conscious once the clothes drop to the floor? No one - that's who. 

Both men and women have a problem with their bodies since both sexes have a similar problem with uncontrolled hair growth.

Yes, unwanted body hair! That's what you get for living in the future with bodies that are built from the past. Body hair is a part of the evolutionary leftovers from our time as monkeys. It's not too from the realms of reality to think that while your body believes that these hairs are vital, your potential partners - do not. Call it crazy, but it has been scientifically proven that men and women love smooth bodies in comparison to some hair-covered studs that could rival a silverback gorilla.

Going back to the night out scenario.  If you're reaching for a wet razor to remedy your hairy genetic ancestral inheritance, prepare for a major disappointment. Within a few hours after you've cleared the decks and shaved with an ordinary "blade on a stick" razor, the hairs seem to reappear. They haven't - it is just they were never removed in the first place. When wet shaving, your skin cells absorb water, swell up and conceal the base of the hair so no shaver blade can get close down the hair shaft for a really close shave. When the skin dries out the cells deflate and the uncut base of the hair shaft become visible again. That is why so many believe the old wives tale that shaving causes hair to re grow thicker and faster. This is biologically impossible and hair cannot do this. Ask any doctor.

If you shave dry with a personal shaver, you do not have these problems and you can get smoother skin, as close as using a naked razor blade, and for less money. Red bumps, shaver rash and nicks or cuts, caused by wet shaving with a blade, are huge turnoffs for many potential dates or mates that you may be trying to attract. So rethink shaving and junk the razor blades. Ingrown hairs and shaver rash are actually caused by shaving with a disposable razor.

This is why we recommend using our personal shavers & trimmers to ensure that you get a smooth shave when you want it. No need to fret about the indignity of body hair or the embarrassment of ingrown hairs. Get one of our handy shavers, shave against the direction of hair growth, and get the desired result immediately, with no waiting fuss, mess or expense. Using one of our personal shavers or trimmers is effective, safe body hair removal and grooming at less than 3 cents per shave.
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