Why the Bare It All personal shaver  trimmer has become an important grooming tool

Many teens hit puberty and have no idea how to trim, remove or groom unwanted hair effectively and cheaply. The advice of peers and family is not always the best and many teens find it an almost impossible subject on which to ask for help.

Some parents or even siblings may advise using a razor, because that is what they grew up with, but it is not the best or the cheapest method of hair removal.

The naked razor blade, which has changed little in over a hundred years, scrapes away the outer layer of skin - the epidermis -as well as the unwanted hairs that grow out of your skin. The razor blade also removes natural skin oils and this dries out the skin causing flaking and itching as there is evidence of premature skin aging as well. With safety razors it can be expensive to buy replacement blade cartridges, as well as lather, moisturizers, bumps fighters which are needed to repair the damage the blade does to the skin

This is why many have resorted to extreme measures like laser hair removal procedures. Laser seems like a great idea until one realizes that despite the many claims that laser hair removal is permanent is it NOT - at least according to the FDA - the US Federal Drug Administration which reviews current research.

Laser is not permanent and the FDA does not permit it to be advertised as such. Laser is usually done by medical assistants not a qualified dermatologist and even when the advert says under medical supervision this could mean that a dentist has set up shop as a salon. While a medical professional and a qualified doctor of dentistry there is no requirement to have any dermatology training to say "doctor supervised". Because of increasing burns and permanent scarring from laser hair removal; procedures gone wrong there is now a new breed of attorney that specializes in lawsuits for this type of injury. 

Any teen or anyone wanting safe effective hair removal would do well to upgrade from the old safety razor to a rotary electric personal shaver. Strangely this ype electric shaver can, if used correctly, produce skin as smooth as a blade or even waxing. The blades do not touch the skin so there is no skin irritation or damage. It is less messy than waxing, epilating or wet shaving. You also do not have to buy new blades except for maybe once a year and your hair removal regimen can be done privately and at home for about 3 cents a shave and in only a few minutes.
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