We are of course all in favor of body grooming for both men and women to the extent that you feel comfortable with body hair removal.

Some people repeatedly do not seem to understand that not all hair removal methods are created equal and some might be damaging to sensitive skin areas.

The article talks in lighthearted terms of misadventures in manscaping, but going about hair removal the wrong way can either be very costly or damaging to your skin. We have even heard that some teen girls trying to use undiluted household bleach to remove unwanted pubic hair. There also no shortage of of homemade concoctions being passed around on the Internet, which are either abrasive or stick to hairs so you can yank them out. These at best are mostly ineffective at removing all the unwanted hairs and sometimes damaging to the skin surrounding the hairs.

For anyone contemplating using any band of hair removal creme to remove pubic hair, such depilatory cremes contain caustic chemicals.
These chemicals work to break down and dissolve the hair proteins. The problem is they also irritate the skin and can cause rashes, dry skin and sensitivity to sunlight.

For less than the cost of a years worth of hair removal creme you could invest in a Bare It All sensitive skin shaver $46.98 - for 2 years of smooth skin anywhere you want to remove body hair- no rash, nicks cuts or ingrown hairs.

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