How an electric shaver can shave as close as a razor blade

Although it may sound improbable,  an electric shaver like the Bare-It-All with an ultra thin foil, together with user skill, really does shave as close as a blade,

This is why!

When wet shaving, water is absorbed by osmosis into skin cells making them swell. The skin becomes puffy and rides up the hair shaft concealing the base of the hair shaft, so that no razor blade can reach it. You will have seen this effect when you stay in the bath, pool or ocean for a time and your skin becomes wrinkled.  Once the skin cells dry out and deflate, the base of the hair is again revealed.  This is why many incorrectly think shaving causes hair to re grow thicker and faster, even though this is biologically impossible as any doctor will tell you.
When switching to using an electric shaver, it is necessary to STOP wet shaving with razor blade as this method flattens hairs down against the skin. An electric foil shaver needs hairs to stand up away from the skin, to poke through the holes in the foil, in order to cut them.


The foil design in the ultra thin Bare-It-All shaver foil, lifts hairs from their follicles and cuts the hair shaft very close at skin level. However the best results take a week or so to appear, so initially a little patience is needed. 

The rewards are substantial as you get a smooth close shave with no shaver rash, red bumps or ingrown hairs for less than 3 cents a shave with no mess when wet shaving with a razor blade.

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