How can I get safe reliable hair removal?

That's the question we're asking whenever a friend or family member comes to you with a fad or fancy or gadget at which to throw your money. This of course extends to your preferred method of shaving and grooming. We all know that this can be expensive but this need not be the case.

“How can I get the smoothness I want without having to spend a fortune?”

We are going to be going over the different ways we shave and the costs - some of which are not so obvious..

Traditional Wet Shaving

This method of shaving has been around since man knew how to wield a blade and use it to take hair off of one's face. Your neanderthal ancestors did it, so did your granddad, maybe even your mother, so it is obvious that you would also follow this tradition. Thing is though, you will find that you are going to have a rough time with this method because not only do you need a "razor blade on a stick" otherwise known as a safety razor, but also shaving lather or cream & lots of hot water. That is not all, you may also need aftershave or a moisturizer, as paradoxically the water in wet shaving as well as the scraping of the razor blade against the skin, removes all natural oils and dries out the skin. This later leads to wrinkled appearance. It is also quite likely that you will spend even more money on bump fighters, bandages, and make up to cover up the shaver rash.

The annual cost: $125-250.00

Electric Shaving

We live in the future, so let us shave like the future humans that we claim to be and use the right electric shavers. Alright, we'll admit, when electric shavers first came in the mid-20th century they were a bit crude and rough. As time went by, these shavers were redesigned and refined and are very much more efficient these days. With the electric shaver you do not need shaving cream, water, and you do not need to purchase a new set of blades every other week as you do with the old standby - the safety razor. The new breed of electric shavers, shave close and keep your face and any other area of body hair looking neat and groomed without having to to exert a lot of energy and without having to spend a fortune.

The annual cost: A good quality shaver can cost as little as $40-$50. If the shaver last 2 years which is not unrealistic, the cost of being well groomed can be a little as 2-3 cents per shave.

The electric shaver is the best way to shave not only because it is effortless to have a great shave, but also because it costs so little over time. Be sure when you are looking around for a new shaver that you choose electric, for your wallet, for your face and also for the planet as electric shavers are ecofriendly and water saving. You are not sending billions of plastic razors and rusting blades to the landfill.
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