At this point we have proven how superior an electronic razor is to the conventional hair removal platforms. Now comes the question of how you are going to take care of your foil razor, because the best made tool is a tool that is taken care of properly. Foil head shavers are the kind of razors that most electric razors use; they are durable, light weight, and great for the purpose.
Here are some tips on how to take care of your foil razor:

Clean and Oil It
Your electric razor is more than just a razor, it's a motor, mount, axle, and lastly a blade. This means that you have to care for the other parts of the device in order to ensure that you have the proper speed achieved when you use your razor. Most razors are easy to clean and should only be oiled with oil purpose built for the razor itself.

Replace Blade Regularly
We all know that a dull blade is a bad idea. They nick, cut, and give ultimately a terrible shave once you are finished using the beaten razor. That is why we recommend that you change the blade out every 8 months or when you notice a change in your shaving quality. Going for 12 months is a bit risky to pull off due to the possibility that your shave quality will go down.

Replace or Recharge Batteries Regularly
This is probably the most important feature since an electric razor that isn't fully charged is about as useful as a dead car battery. If you are not replacing or recharging when you notice a dip in the razors power output then you will find that you are going to have a tough time shaving or getting a good shave in general.

In closing, if you follow these simple guidelines, then we guarantee that you will have a satisfying shave every time you go to use your preferred electric shaver!
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