How to avoid shaver rash, red bumps and ingrown hairs.

Getting the best results possible, depends on whether you follow the shaver instructions as there is a right way to use it and a wrong way. Always trim back any longer hairs or stray hairs back to very short stubble length. This makes the hairs stand up and away from the skin which is critical for the hair to enter the holes in any foil shaver before they can be cut close and smoothly by the shaver blades underneath the foil.

The Bare It All shaver foil is deliberately designed to be ultra thin to allow the blades to get as close to the skin as possible, without the blades touching the skin. This is a sensitive skin shaver used for intimate & personal shaving as well as for grooming body hair wherever it may grow - from head to toe - and all the bits in between. 

The Bare It All foil has graduated holes. The smaller ones in the center are for softer peach fuzz (vellus) hairs and the elongated holes on the outer rings of the foil are for coarser hair textures. This allows the user to angle the shaver according to the areas being shaved for the best long lasting, smooth results. Provided you do not use excessive pressure the Bare It All personal shaver does not cause red bumps, rash or ingrown hairs. 


Conversely the aggressive foil pattern on most face shavers have large holes and the skin can protrude though the foil into the path of the blades causing skin irritation and injury and the telltale shaver rash and red bumps.

Use a skin sensitive personal shaver like the Bare It All, to avoid shaver rash, red bumps and ingrown hairs
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