'Being hairy isn't scary':
Meet female student who refuses to shave her body hair

This article in the UK press under weird news caught my eye.

We most certainly support every women's  choice NOT to remove body hair using shaving or any other method of hair removal.  Equally we support every male's right NOT to be attracted to a female that seems to have more hair, and the necessary male hormone testosterone which produces it, than they seem to possess themselves.

Without doubt cultural differences are at work when other nationalities and ethnic backgrounds, do not agree that very visible body hair diminishes their attractiveness and femininity.

The feminist movement will loudly proclaim that "men are from Mars and women from Venus".  If that is true why would females want to overtly wish to display this same hairiness, which after all is an undoubted male characteristic.  What about "Vive La Difference"?

The mane of a lion signals to a lioness than he is a male and a potential mate.   Sometimes male lions have diminished testosterone and either a smaller mane or none at all. This signals to the lioness that perhaps this "male' is not strong and virile and thus capable of producing strong offspring, so they search out the lion with a more obvious mane.  If lionesses all had manes like their male counterparts, there might be some of the gender confusion that seems so readily apparent in human beings these days.

While it may not always be a conscious decision, men generally prefer the softer feminine look and not one that seems to closely resemble another male. This will bring howls of protest from the militant feminists, whose mothers were burning their bras in the sixties in protest against a different kind of body shaming. For these folks and their descendants, maybe a scientific experiment can be arranged to prove this "feminine look" hypothesis beyond doubt. 

Invite twenty four guys and 24 girls all heterosexual, to a beach party, clad in their best beach wear.  Six guys must be the "manly sort" with the accompanying body hair and height and weight in normal proportion and six others with less manly features and body hair maybe even a little effeminate. Six girls likewise will need to be very feminine but also with height and weight in proportion. The other six girls of the same size and stature but who are on the hairy side of normal, with hairs poking out from under their bikinis, under arm hair etc. It would then be interesting to note which of the participants are attracted or repelled by first appearances of potential suitors.  However it has to be also said that the same men after a few hours on the beach with free flowing alcohol may start to find 24 goats all of equal hairiness very good looking.  It is more doubtful whether a long lasting and meaningful relationship will ensue for any men or goats, after the alcohol wears off.

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