We are amazed, dazed, saddened & flabbergasted, that so many people both male & female as well as those "not quite sure" seem to have no clue as to how body hair grows or even why it grows. This equally applies to some beauty editors who should know better.

 Talking of pubic hair, this is not to cover up anything or even "keep out extraneous matter out of the vagina" as we saw once in a hair removal article. By the same token maybe a mustache is for straining the vegetables out of minestrone soup? 

 Pubic hair is a secondary sexual characteristic. Its basic its function is to alert "the tribe" at man's anthropological beginnings, that the individual has reached sexual maturity and may at some point become available for a suitor. This natural body hair growth has become confused somehow with fashion, porn, body image. Hair removal is a multi billion dollar business as a result. Razors are "blades on a stick" and they have mostly poor quality steel with too much carbon in them which leaves tiny pits in the blade which nick the skin.  Razor blades scrape away the outer layer of the skin, along with the hair and natural skin oils. This is the reason that shaver rash & ingrown hairs occur.

A good personal electric shaver DOES NOT touch the skin & cannot cause ingrown hairs. A face shaver has large foil holes to deal with beards, so they too cause irritation "down there". Furthermore if you are persistent in using the naked razor blade with which to shave, the constant irritation caused by scraping away the epidermis causes demarcation or darkening of the skin. This it is quite usual to find ladies with "well tanned" underarm areas which may not match their overall skin color or tone. Sadly the change in color is irreversible. Safety razor blade manufacturers will of course not tell you about this. 

 Laser and IPL hair removal procedures can seriously burn & scar the skin as can hair removal cremes. So many people rush for laser hair removal believing it is permanent when the FDA clearly says it is not. This does not stop salons from pushing the consumer to spend huge sums of money for multiple treatments. The big lie often told by the unscrupulous salons is "your treatment is doctor supervised". Indeed this may be technically true, but the "doctor" may in fact be a podiatrist or a dentist. While they may be proficient in their field of medicine, they have had no dermatology training at all. Along with poorly calibrated Chinese made lasers, the lack of skill and supervision in operating the laser is responsible for a large increase in severe skin burns & scarring. This is why many more attorneys are now specializing in this particular type of malpractice lawsuit. They know where the money is.

Epilators & waxing leave an empty hair follicle which fills up with Staphylococcus Aureus. Voila you have the makings of a nasty skin infection. 

Ingrown hairs are caused when you cut or break off the hair at or below skin level in epilating, waxing or wet shaving with a safety razor. The end of the cut hair shaft is jagged or tapered and when the hair regrows, it can get caught on or under the epidermis. The trapped hair grows sideways or downwards under the skin causing the irritation & infection well known to many. This is why many choose to get laser hair removal, which perversely is like hopping out of the frying pan into the fire. 

 However the possibility of dying from ingrown hairs such as described in this Cosmopolitan story above, is so remote, that it can only be used only in silly, alarmist stories on the Internet. This may drum up business for the laser hair removal salons, which may be the intent all along. 

Using a good irritation free electric personal shaver to remove unwanted body hair really is the best, safest and least expensive hair removal method.

Unless of course Big Foot is a blood relative of yours and you have inherited the overly lush growth of body hair.
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