The writer is quite correct in extolling the benefits of exfoliating skin with a loofah or rough wash cloth to minimize and attack of the dreaded ingrown hair. However avoiding ingrown hairs is very simple and you do not need to spend a fortune on bump fighter type cremes, salves, lotions or aftershaves. 

If you stop waxing or using an epilator you will not breaking off hairs below or at skin level. This is the actual cause of ingrown hairs using these methods. The broken end of the hair shaft catches on the underside of the skin and grows sideways or inwards causing the tell tale, painful, infected hair follicle. 

The same thing happens when shaving with a safety or straight edge razor. The naked blade scrapes away the epidermis together with the unwanted hairs and it is precisely this that causes skin irritation or shaver rash. The blade also cuts the tip of the hair diagonally and not straight across the hair shaft. The jagged and sliced end of the hair will then curl when the shaving foam is washed away and the skin dries out. The the tip of the hair can then catch on the underside of the skin and grow sideways and inwards and creating another ingrown hair.

If you junk the "blade on a stick type of razor, stop wet shaving and use a foil shaver, ideally a personal shaver, the blades uniformly cut the hairs across the diameter of the hair shaft and the hair cannot get trapped under the skin. You can get a smoother skin that lasts longer than wet shaving, if you use a personal shaver with a well designed ultra thin shaver foil, despite the fact that the blades do not need to scrape the skin to remove the hairs.

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