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We totally agree that every person male or female has the right to decide if body hair is attractive, needs careful grooming or trimming or needs complete removal. 

However we do not understand the relatively recent revolt by some feminists,who maybe in the sixties, would have have burned their bras to protest, but now have decided to go "hairy" to start a new fashion trend. 

While we do not advocate skin damaging and ingrown hair producing, razor blade use to remove unwanted body hair, we do recommend using a good quality electric personal shaver. This is the best, cheapest, as well as safest way to remove or trim body hair. In most cases the most visible body hair in the under arm hair, but arm and leg hair can also be very apparent in some adults. In extreme cases uncontrolled body hair growth is called hirsutism. However doctor supervised hormone treatment may help with this.

In men, body hair may make them look "rugged and manly". However body hair can also make some women look masculine which, for most straight men, is not at all appealing. This is the basic law of human attraction in operation and has nothing to do with fashion, social pressure or political correctness. Simply put, most guys do not find women attractive if they are exhibiting male characteristics, like hairy legs, underarms or more facial hair than they have. Too much body hair is a very effective but unconscious primordial behavioral trigger, that tells you that you may be checking out a guy instead of a female. 

While you do not have to be a "take it all off" disciple in addressing body hair grooming, both sexes need to be careful that a pubic hair does not become a public hair. This lack of personal awareness can cause a poor reaction from onlookers and possible a major downgrade in your sex appeal rating. 

If not bare and private then at least keep everything well groomed and trimmed or contained. This applies to both men as well as women.
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