There are a lot of misguided bits of information out there on the internet, many of which have existed longer before the series of tubes even came into being. Here we are going to go over 3 myths that may have been stopping you from enjoying the pleasure of shaving.

1. Body hair comes back thicker when shaved- NOT TRUE
This is a bunch of malarkey. It won't matter if you shave the same spot fifty or one-hundred times, that spot will not be any thicker than the rest of your body. When hair is cut short it tends to have a coarser texture to it, therefore giving it the feeling of being thicker. This feeling will stop once the hair has grown out or if you keep the skin around the hair moisturized, the hair will feel softer, and therefore thinner.

2. Shaving causes hair to re-grow darker- NOT TRUE
The human hair is tapered and thinner at the end than at the base of the hair shaft.  When allowed to grow the hair shaft flexes and bends. When cut short at the base of the hair it can no longer bend and this is why stubble feels rough.  The hair that has been allowed to grow will get lighter at the ends with sunlight and conversely the base remains darker as it has not yet had a chance to bleach in the sunlight.  The apparent darker coloring has nothing to do with shaving.

3. Shaving a place that didn't have hair before will make it grow- NOT TRUE
No, no no! If an area of skin has a very light layer of peach fuzz, or no hair at all, then running over it with a blade will not cause coarse black hair to form. If your face suffers from a thick peach fuzz hair then using one of our body shavers will not make you grow a beard; in fact it will only help to keep your face looking smooth and hair free.

As you can see there are numerous tales out there that will mislead you into thinking that you are unable to do anything for yourself. If you have hair, you're stuck with it, but we at feel that you always have a choice. Utilizing our quality products will empower you to move forward in your shaving life.
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