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We fully appreciate the fact that many African Americans of both genders, as well as other ethnic groups experience shaver rash, red bumps and ingrown hairs when shaving, particularly on the neck as well as intimate areas.

The naked razor blade scrapes away the skin along with the unwanted hairs and always cuts the hair diagonally and not straight across the hair shaft.  The tapered and jagged end of the hair curls and gets caught on the underside of the outer layer of skin, the epidermis and grows sideways or inwards causing painful and unsightly ingrown hairs.  Regardless of sex, race or ethnic background the conventional wisdom is to pour on costly lotions, bump fighters, moisturizers and aftershaves to counteract the damage that the razor blade has already done. 

There is a an easy simple and best of all inexpensive answer.  Never shave with a blade razor blade.  Instead use an electric personal shaver not just a man's face shaver.  The blades never touch the skin provided the holes in the shaver foil are not of the wide aggressive type in many men's face shavers, that allow the skin to poke through into the path of the blades.

If you junk the "blade on a stick type of razor stop wet shaving and use a foil shaver, ideally a rotary personal shaver with a non aggressive foil design.  With this shaver the blades cut the hairs across the diameter of the hair shaft and the hair cannot get trapped under the skin.  You can get a smoother skin that lasts longer than wet shaving, if you use a personal shaver with a well designed ultra thin shaver foil, despite the fact that the blades do not need to scrape the skin to remove the hairs.

You wont need to spend over $150.00 a year on all the replacement blades and after shave preparations. You wont get shaver rash, red bumps and ingrown hairs.
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