I never thought these two stories could ever be newsworthy.

Apparently that are a few people that think that pubic hair removal and driving a car, go together nicely - and even concurrently!

We know that texting while driving is a bad idea. Surely no one needs to tell you that body grooming or pubic hair removal is better done safely at home, in private and not while in the drivers seat.

The cordless Bare It All personal shaver can without doubt be kept in the glove compartment of your car for any touch up needed while on the road. However commonsense dictates, that at the very least, you should stop and pull over at a rest stop or other safe location, to do any personal shaving that cannot wait until you get back home.

For me driving a convertible with the top down, feeling the wind rushing through your hair, is one of the pleasures of life.  However driving with your pants down or your skirt up with the wind rushing through your pubic hair, is taking freedom a bit too far, for the sake highway safety or other clear cut reasons.

One does wonder what intelligent alien life forms beyond the stars, must make of these amazing stories about the human race, when they visit or intercept TV or radio signals. After all ET was bald and maybe even a paid up member of the "Bare Is Beautiful" crowd.

I shudder to think that somewhere someone is inventing a hair removal laser than plugs into your car cigarette lighter.
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