If you buy designer underwear, sexy bikini or macho Speedos with overgrown body hair you are defeating the object of the exercise i.e. being more attractive. Protruding hairs are the best way to put off your date or mate.

More than a few people think that body hair removal has to mean removing all body hair "down there", but like most things in life it is a matter of degree.

While you do not have to follow the bare it all fashion and assiduously remove every hair below the neck, it is good manners to at least trim back any pubic hair that may inadvertently become a public hair.

The answer is not to spend thousands on skin damaging, painful laser procedures which frequently do not work & are not permanent hair removal as often advertized.  Similarly why pay to bare your privates at the salon every few weeks for a masochistic hair torture session.

The answer is quite simply, to buy a personal electric shaver with a foil that is designed for different body hair types.  Don't try to use a face shaver on your private parts as these are designed for broad flat areas of skin with no curves and are usually too wide to fit into the cracks and crevices of the human anatomy.  It also goes without saying that using a razor blade for pubic hair removal is NOT the safest or most effective way of removing body hair.

Owning a specially designed pubic shaver will mean you can attract the attention of others and not repulse them with the sight of  uncontrolled and unwanted body hair. 
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