Problems With Hair Removal Creams Or Gels
The first problem you may notice with hair removal creams is the pungent smell that some would call a world class assault on the senses. Creams can be difficult to contain in tubes and bottles. After application  getting rid of the cream and the broken down hair residue can be messy and time consuming.  Not all the broken down hair will come off of the area to which you have applied the cream, which means the result is there’s still hair there, but it’s softer and more limp than before, because it has been broken down.  And if you aren’t really careful, you may end up applying the cream unevenly, which will definitely result in remaining hair in spots you were hoping to make hairless.
The potentially huge problem associated with hair removal creams has to do with chemistry. They all contain harsh chemicals like thiogylcolates and these alkalis that work to break down the protein structure of the hair. They can also can irritate, dry out and burn your skin, and even producing sever allergic reactions.  Keratin is the protein that the alkaline chemicals contained in depilatory creams target.  Keratin is a vital part of both hair and skin.  There’s no way you can use a hair removal creme or gel without the skin being (negatively) impacted simply because the hair being targeted grows from in the follicles in your skin.

The FDA makes the depilatory creme manufacturers put a very muted warning on every bottle or tube you buy. The very small print suggest that you do a patch test before spreading it liberally over a large area.  Unfortunately few read this warning  This preliminary test will show if you are allergic to the chemicals in the cream.  Results could include burns, blisters, rashes, stinging sensations that won’t go away and skin peeling.  If redness or itching develops in the application area, throw out the cream stop using it immediately.  If you feel you may have suffered a chemical burn, wash the area thoroughly with soap and warm water to remove all traces of the cream, and if it continues, consult with your physician.
If you have any cuts, nicks or scrapes on your skin, the depilatory cream can irritate these areas too. This means you’ll have to go without hair removal until they have healed.
The issues with depilatory creams are just too numerous, and the results are usually less than great.  It’s just not a good form of hair removal to use creams or lotions and because of the regular repeated treatment they are not cheap either. A good rechargeable personal shaver is the safest, most cost effective way to go hairless or at least to be well groomed and trimmed.
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