Hair removal and why we do it ? 
Let me count the ways - (apologies to Shakespeare)

The simple biological explanation is that both men and women possess the male hormone testosterone although obviously in different concentrations. Testosterone produces body hair growth in both genders.

If you have too much testosterone as a female you become "hirsute" and for most males, this may be an unconscious body signal sign that the lady they are pursuing may be more masculine than they are, which is off putting for many.

If you have a tough time in believing that these unconscious attraction signals really do influence behavior, consider gray hair in humans and also animals.  The stallion fiercely guards its mares and breeding privileges.  Once it starts to become gray, a sign of age, the mares instinctively look for a younger male and the old stallion gets deposed and sometimes killed, by a stronger fitter male in a Darwinian process called - natural selection. The same principle applies to lions, lionesses and countless other species. Humans, both male and female, want to turn back the clock to look younger and thus more attractive, by coloring their gray hair - even pubic hair, to overcome this subliminal body signal that maybe you are past your best reproductive years.

Let me propose some of the additional pros and cons of the hairy unshaven trend which some feel is taking hold concerning body hair removal.


PRO: Shaving, waxing, epilating, grooming is time consuming, By stopping you save precious time, money and effort

CON: If you're trying to get a tan, it may turn out uneven due to protruding body hair on the bikini line, legs or arms

PRO: Leaving your leg hair to grow will prevent your socks from slipping down

CON: Your significant other or parents, may start to worry that you might be going down the transgender path

PRO:  Unbridled body hair keeps you warm in winter. Maybe but not a plus in warm climates

CON: If you're single and open to dating, you may spend more lonely nights. Living on a mountain top also works 

PRO: No more body grooming means you can get ready for a date faster. 
That is if you can get one !

CON: The repulsion factor exhibited by some otherwise eligible bachelors, upon seeing a pubic hair that accidentally becomes public hair, at say the beach or pool. There are a few guys that love 'hairy' to balance this out

PRO: Luxuriant hair growth in the wrong places will likely thwart the unwelcome attention of perverts and oversexed youths.  In this scenario 'being alone' may be very desirable.

CON: The bacteria that produces body odor, dwells at the base of the hair and this hair holds onto to sweat which putrefies.  Perhaps this odor may the origin of the word "clean shaven".
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