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Many people do not know that shaving with a disposable razor is the actual CAUSE of shaver bumps and ingrown hairs and over time, skin darkening and discoloration too.  The problem is the blade scrapes away the outer protective layer of skin as well as the hairs and this is the cause of all the irritation problems.

Waxing and epilating also cause ingrown hairs and laser can seriously burn the skin. Look on the Internet for a good personal electric shaver and shave dry. The wet/dry shavers are not worth the money and you can never get a long lasting smoothness when the skin is wet. Added to this you have to throw away the shaver when the battery no longer accepts a charge as you cannot put in a new battery without destroying the vacuum seal which makes it watertight.

Always shave when the skin is clean and dry. If wet, the skin cells swell up with water and conceal the base of the hair so no shaver blade can get close down the hair shaft. When the skin dries the cells deflate, the hair become visible again. This is why so many believe the old wives tale that shaving causes hair to re grow thicker and faster. It simply cannot. If you shave dry with a personal shaver you do not have this problem and you can get smoother skin than with a naked blade.

Never use talc to shave with as this is a known carcinogen. Cornstarch in contact with a warm and moist environment as in you private parts can deteriorate causing yeast infections.
You may also want to wipe the shaver foil frequently with peroxide or rubbing alcohol to remove and bacteria that accumulates. Cleaning out the hair residue from an electric shaver is also very important. When held upside down the hair particles, which have sharp edges, fall through the shaver foil onto the skin and this irritates it causing a rash.

An electric face shaver, even if colored pink, is not the same as a personal shaver or pubic shaver.  The foil holes are usually too large and allow the skin to poke through the foil along with the hair into the path of the blades, which then scrape and injure the skin.

The specialized personal electric shaver has smaller graduated holes which do not irritate and damage the skin. The result is smooth skin but you will no longer have to waste money on cremes, lotions and potions or moisturizers to get rid of shaver bumps and skin dryness.
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