Hair CANNOT re grow thicker and faster as a result of shaving.To tell others, let alone believe this myth yourself, is doing a great disservice to everyone.

Your hair growth is determined by genetics and the hormone testosterone, which although a male hormone, women have.  If hair really changed its essential biology and did in fact react to shaving, the worlds first and only natural cure for baldness would have been discovered and bald people of both sexes would be able to re grow a full lush head of hair simply by shaving.  
Any doctor knows you cannot affect hair growth by shaving but the myth still persists.  Take it from the Mayo Clinic
If you wish to really know the reason behind this myth, often propagated by people selling other forms of more expensive and painful hair removal, this is the clinical info.
It is a fact that you should always shave or trim dry as shaving or trimming when the skin is wet produces a rough finish.  This is because your skin absorbs the water though process called osmosis. The skin cells swell and become "turgid".  This causes the skin cells to ride up the shaft of the hair concealing the hair base.  At this time the shaver or trimmer can only cut the part of the hair that is exposed and above the skin.  When the skin dries out and the skin cells contract, the uncut part of the hair shaft becomes exposed again as the skin shrinks, in a matter of an hour or so, causing roughness. This is real explanation for the illusion that shaved hair re grows faster and thicker, even though it is biologically impossible.
If you spend less than $50, you can buy an electric personal shaver specifically for the intimate areas.  They do not give the customary nicks, cuts, red bumps and shaver rash, nor the dreaded ingrown hairs associated with razor blades, waxing and epilating.  They also last far longer than any blade on a stick type razor which needs replacement blades every few weeks.  Most electric personal shaver blades are self sharpening and last 12 months or longer.  With the naked razor blade razor you will spend well over $100 in the course of a year.
What is perfectly true is that in common with all shaving, hair removal is NOT permanent. Not even with laser, even though the salons often tell you it is.  The FDA even prohibits people from saying it is permanent.  The only permanent method is electrolysis which is expensive , time consuming and painful.
Electric personal shavers - not face shavers - are the safest form of hair removal and the cheapest with immediate results. They will not scar, discolor and dry your skin as other methods can.
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