The argument rages on about whether it is cool to remove trim or groom pubic hair or not.   The only opinion that counts is yours, or maybe as a secondary consideration, the opinion of your significant other may influence you! However most people agree that visible pubic hair is not your best feature.

As human beings are rarely alike, body hair removal and grooming is all a matter of degree.  It should not really matter if you belong in the "leave it on" camp or prefer to be a "take it all off" devotee.

Many feminists and also male chauvinists seem to want to tell others to leave pubic hair to grow naturally and seem to want to shame those that like to be well groomed.  Others have the opposing view than body hair has to be got rid of at all costs, to maintain a positive and pleasing self image.

More than a few people of both genders, know that hair does not grow uniformly and remain confined to certain areas of our bodies. Body hair sometimes knows no bounds and tends to spread and grow where it can become just a little too visible.  In this case hair removal is desirable in some people and possibly mandatory for decencies sake in others. 

The "leave the hair to grow" group delight in relating views that hair removal is not normal and maybe even pornographic.  Some issue totally untrue warnings about the perils of removing hair.  One case that springs to mind concerned is about an adult woman advising teen girls not to remove pubic hair as the hairs prevents "foreign bodies from getting into the vagina".  If this were true then by the same token, mustaches on men would be able to strain the vegetables out of minestrone soup.  The sad thing is that impressionable teens get fed the prejudices and misinformation from uniformed people who should know better.

The other side of the coin is represented by those people and businesses that advocate total hair removal at all costs.   They often extol the benefits of complete hair removal to get consumers to buy very expensive and sometimes unsafe, painful methods to do this. Lies and misinformation are told about their hair removal method being "permanent" when in fact the FDA does not permit anyone to claim that hair removal is permanent wit the possible exception of costly and painful electrolysis.  Another deceptive practice in the worldwide multi billion dollar laser hair removal industry, is that the procedure is "doctor supervised".  This does not mean that the person in the salon that operates the laser has any medical experience or qualification in dermatology.   In fact the operator may have only had a few weeks of training with a powerful laser device that can permanently scar and burn your skin.  It is also far from rare to find that the doctor in the "doctor supervised" salon may be in fact, a podiatrist or even a dentist who may have zero qualifications or experience in dermatology.


While it is not new, shaving really is the cheapest, safest way to remove and groom unwanted body hair.  Some do not believe this because their mind set is fixed on wet shaving with naked razor blades. It is a fact however that shaving with a rotary electric personal shaver gives a shave as close as a blade or waxing and a the lowest cost for any hair removal method.
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