It is great to see that while it may not be "needed" in a clinical sense, many people now use personal lubricants to add some spice to their romantic encounters. These days dry mouth and dry eye is very commonplace due to certain medications, stress and emotional reasons. These conditions are simple and inexpensive to resolve if you know how to do it. This includes vaginal dryness. 

 It is very important to know how to choose a safe effective lubricant for the most sensitive area you have on your body. The favors and perfumes used in most lubes are man made chemicals and some of these together with preservatives,can be downright harmful. For example the warming substances like capsicum and the cooling variety, menthol can cause severe skin irritation and sometimes far worse :- 

 In the non silicone water based lubes the major component is water which is touted to be natural and this good for you and your body. However these lubes having organic material in them also can decompose and degrade over time and so preservatives like glycol (antifreeze) and parabens are added to stop spoilage and give the lube added shelf life. Parabens while in many products, is thought to be very harmful to reproductive systems 

 The colorings, perfumes and flavors in many lubricants sound like fun. However these artificial scents and flavors are often created by adding a chemical called phthalates which can very injurious to the endocrine system in humans and maybe linked to diabetes and early menopause among other things. There are a range of "natural" lubes on sale. The word natural being used however does not guarantee the product is beneficial or even safe. For example cyanide is natural but not so good for you. Olive oil is natural lubricant but changes the delicate PH balance in the vagina which is far from helpful for female health if used as a personal lube. Apart from which, smelling like a salad may not be that alluring. 

 You can buy lubes in all shapes and sizes, colors and flavors and with warming or cooling sensations but it is wise to do so. The lube flavors and enhancements recently have surpassed all the wild imaginings of any lab technician. You can buy now Kosher lube at least that is what it says. Also on offer and in an attempt to out imagine the "boring" flavors and scent of fruit, you can also buy whiskey flavored lube and bacon flavored lube. I can only think these must be joke products, as the appeal of stale whiskey and a half eaten bacon sandwich probably does not belong in the bedroom, or dare I say, in the back seat of your parents car. 

 The final (maybe not) enhancement in lube offerings is Cannabis laced lube with THC which is supposed to produce an unimaginable climax. However if lube this really does contain measurable THC, the users both male and female could find themselves in trouble with employers, police in some states, and driving while under the influence. There is little evidence so far to conclude that the addition of THC in any meaningful amount adds to the lovemaking experience, as it does not readily absorb into the bloodstream when applied topically. 

The best personal lubricants are those that are made from pharmaceutical grade pure silicone oil with no chemical additives like perfumes, flavorings scents or preservatives. While they may appear to be more expensive that the ordinary water based lubes they last far longer, do not need re application in the heat of the moment and for the adventurous, these silicone lubes work underwater too.
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