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The best hair removal method is one that removes the hair but does not damage the skin. So many elect laser hair removal and waxing without a thought as to the damage this does to the elasticity and dryness of the skin and tears and burns.

The caustic burning chemicals in hair removal depilatory cremes attack and dry the skin as well as removing the hairs.

The best way for non permanent hair removal - almost every method including laser is not permanent - is shaving. However NEVER with a naked razor blade. The wet blade razor damages the skin too and strips it of oils causing shaver rash, red bumps and ingrown hairs.
Many people reject the idea of shaving using an electric razor because they do not understand that it can provide smooth as waxing skin but with no side effects or pain adn best of all no ingrown hairs.

The advent of ultra thin foils can provide great results as the blades can get very close to the skin without touching it. So no skin irritation and this method is indisputably the least costly and safest form of hair removal.
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