The heated debate over hair removal rages on with some women wanting to leave body hair "au naturel" and refusing to yield to perceived societal or beauty fashion pressures to take it all off.   

We have no problem with a women's right to choose to be hairy or not.  However like many things,  it is all a matter of degree.

At no point should anyone attempt to "shame body hair" in either gender.  But any body hair, from the head to the toes, can become overgrown, unruly and in need of grooming to some extent - e.g. nose hair ear hair brows, necklines, and much more.

By all means feel free to sprout luxuriant underarm hair if that is what you wish. It is after all your body.  While that last statement is true, most women have a need to share their body with someone else from time to time and that is where physical attraction come into play.  You have to now consider what makes you attractive to that someone special.

That someone special may like a hirsute companion with copious quantities of body hair. However most people do not find this appealing.
todays fashions need personal shavers and trimmers

A century ago when long johns, high necked clothing and petticoats were in fashion, no one cared if you had a tufted rug underneath. The advent of "sexy" revealing underwear, beach wear and lingerie necessitated keeping body hair in both genders at least trimmed, if not removed and definitely not for casual viewing.

In the past the archetypal fat tattooed bearded lady in a side show at the fairground never had to fight off the unwanted attentions of any young studs.  She was not a freek but more likely a menopausal women who no longer cared about her personal appearance and managed to eke out a living by looking a litte weird.   However with a personal shaver or trimmer she could have, for just pennies, looked quite different.
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