Trim the undergrowth and the tree appears to be taller and larger.

That is why when you are dealing with a jungle, you should trim back some of the bushes first, even the most robust of electric shavers will have a problem conquering overgrown body hair. Before resorting to unwise measures like using a pair of scissors on the family jewels - try this:

1. Trim Some Back
Half of the reason why the electric shaver has trouble cutting through the thick forest of unkempt body hair is that it has to hack through the long hair to get to base of the hair shaft.  Meaning you could be shaving the same spot multiple times before you notice a difference in the smoothness of the skin. To prevent this problem, and possible ingrown hairs, you should cut down the length of the hair with a trimmer. This will allow the razor to have access to the base of the hair faster, and make the shaving process go quicker as well as smoother.

2. Moisturize
Yes, as odd as it sounds, making sure that the skin is properly moisturized will ensure a close shave. By having the skin properly moisturized you are allowing hair shaft to stand up and away from the skin which makes shaving a lot easier, and helps prevent ingrown hairs.

Such a problem usually exists with cheap electric razors, but if you use the electric razors from, you will not run into these issues. The electric razors available here will cut through any troublesome body hair that you have and want to be rid of asap!
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