Visible Nose And Ear Hair Is Not Your Most Attractive Feature
It is sad trick of mother nature that when hair in many people starts to get thinner on the head, the equal and opposite reaction is the appearance of vigorous hair growth on in the nose and the ears and also eyebrows. If you want a surefire method of repelling attractive women then by all means grow your nasal and ear hair. 

Otherwise it is only common decency to trim, groom and remove hair growth that indicates to other you don't care about your appearance. The simplest, quickest and private way to combat this unwanted hair growth is to use a micro trimmer of which there are millions on sale. Most of them have cheap short lived motors and poor quality blades that tend to pull rather than cut. 

Only marginally more expensive that these cheap trimmers which have no replaceable blades is to buy a micro trimmer that has a free set of replacement blades. You only buy new blades when the old ones get dull or blunted and not have to buy a whole new trimmer. The micro trimmer is far better that the type that deals only with nose hair but cannot cut or trim hair on brows ears or bikini line. 

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