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We all love the movies, but when it comes to body hair, they lie; and I do mean a huge lie. Case in point, we all enjoy Greek epics and tales of ancient Rome but when you see a film about either subject you find that everyone in either of those places is a hairless British actor. This in reality was not the case, both cultures stated above were extremely hairy men, but in the movies you would think that no one during that time was born with body hair.  When watching such movies it can be hard to not compare your own body to the ones on screen and not feel a little cheated in a way.

Having a smooth surface is a want that most people try to obtain but rarely find. They try many avenues of approach, meaning shaving, waxing, and even laser. Thing is though, the results are always the same, the follicle is irritated, red bumps occur, and the hair grows back. You have to keep repeating, unlike in the movies where the hairless bodies are never ending.

Damn you fiction!

Thing is though, you don't have to curse fiction, because those guys on screen have the same body as you; some variation will happen of course, but everyone has body hair. During the course of the shoot these guys are clipped multiple times to keep their bodies smooth. How do they keep the skin from becoming bumpy and red, you might be asking?

Well, it's because the people who are assigned to that task make sure that the actors skin is kept moisturized. That's the key to having a smooth finish when you are shaving your body hair; you have to make sure that the skin is kept properly moisturized or else you wind up with the bumpy troubles.

Remember, movies are great to inspire, to feel, and enjoy, but don't get yourself down when you see the perfect bodies on screen.
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