It is sad that so many young people, on yahoo.questions and other noticeboards like and myriads of other social sites, agonize over the appearance of body hair or excessive body hair.

Their parents cannot discuss puberty or grooming so they pose amazing questions about hair removal because they simply do not know what to do. They get crazy advice like "drain cleaner & bleach works to remove pubic hair". Of course a flame thrower would be much quicker but I am hoping no one has suggested this yet.

My question is really, why can't responsible mothers talk to their daughters, and believe it or not sons too, about hair removal, rather than leave them to try some very unsafe and even dangerous hair removal methods. After all it has nothing to do with sex or promiscuity.

Due in part to hormone laden foods, kids are sprouting body hair hair younger and younger these days. If one can buy safe and sane fireworks for the 4th of July, why can't kids get safe and sane hair removal advice?

We have some advice in this blog but there are many other from which to distill enough information to make a choice on what is best for you.

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