Using an electric personal shaver where an ultra thin thin shaving foil shields the skin from the blades, it is necessary to shave AGAINST the direction of hair growth or "grain". The reverse maybe true if using a safety or straight edge razor.

With any foil shaver the hairs must poke through the shaver foil to be cut rather than scraped away as in the case of the the safety razor.

The naked blade scrapes away not only unwanted hairs but the outer protective skin layer - the epidermis - along with natural skin oils. That is the cause of shaver burn, rash and ingrown hairs. Irritation free hair removal and shaving by Bare It All Shavers

At $42.98 the Bare It All shaver and trimmer gives two years of smooth shaving for about 3 cents per shave and with no skin irritation or ingrown hairs. And you do not need to buy expensive blade cartridges every few weeks and spend money on lather, moisturizers and bump fighting cremes.
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