Be smooth when on the road or traveling

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Personal shavers beat the old fashioned safety razor blade
When you have no time and no water on hand or travelling
There large numbers of people of both genders that hate shaving with a razor blade because for the nicks, cuts, rash, red bumps and painful ingrown hairs they cause. These people have jobs which make it mandatory for good daily grooming standards. For example people in the Armed Forces, Police Departments, Airline Crews or long distance truck drivers.

As many of these people travel and may not have ready access to water to shave with, minimum grooming standards can be a problem. Bare It All shavers & trimmers are the ideal, compact, irritation free, electric shaver for head to toe shaving - no itch, no bumps, no rash or ingrown hairs especially for those with sensitive skin.

When you are next stopped for speeding pay attention to the smart well groomed appearance of the patrol officer.  He or she, may well be a Bare It All Shaver owner and may have one in the glove compartment of the cruiser.

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