personal shavers are convenient green and eco friendly

It is very easy to shave leaving the water running or shave in the shower with little thought being given to the extra water used, the cost of heating it up, the cost of piping in treated drinking water and also waste water treatment after it disappears down the drain. These unseen processes all consume huge amounts of energy, most of which is produced by carbon fuels of one kind or another. The more visible cost to those that still shave using a safety razor or straight edge, is the cost of replacement blades, shaving foam or lather, after shave lotions, moisturizers, bumps fighter cremes and sometimes a bandage to cover up a nick or cut. These tangible costs can add up to cost $150 and up to $350 per year, let alone the hidden costs of water Some recent research suggest that one single shave with a razor blade can cost around 30 cents but that seems to be very conservative.

There is an additional personal financial cost in disposing of discarded shaving products and also the environmental cost of sending tons of rusting blades and plastic razor handles, cans, bottles containers, tubes to the landfill or dump to leach poisons and toxins into increasingly scarce groundwater.

By contrast a rechargeable electric personal shaver requires no water, costs around 3 cents per shave and the volume of waste generated is very minimal.

So please be green and eco friendly !