Share a laugh on the delicate subject
Of pubic hair removal & shaving

While good body grooming and cleanliness is a serious subject we think this seriousness can be taken too far!
These very funny hair removal videos and parodies might make you laugh out loud.

Perhaps these videos (for which we thank their creators) also make a good case for the simple painless use of an electric pubic shaver

Parody Of Taylor Swift's - Shake It off - Or - Shave It Off

Hamlet – To Be or Not To Be Parody

From the Guide to Literary Terms by Jack Lynch - apologies to Shakespeare

To shave or not to shave, that is the question:

Whether ‘tis better in this climate to wear pants

Or to use a shaver against a forest of stubble, and

By using it, remove it?

To shave; to wax; no more; and by waxing we

End the thousand nicks and cuts that our legs are prone to—

‘Tis a concept greatly wished.

To shave, to wax; to wax; perchance, be smooth—ah, that’s the problem!

For in the tub what cuts may come when

We have gotten rid of the reluctant hair, might make

Guys stare: there’s the attention among the chaos

Of teenage life; for what girl would want such

Injuries, but with ugly hair, comes rude glares.

The prickly hair on your legs, wearing shorts delays

Because the re growing stubs overtake the moisturizing-stripless razor.

Who would encounter these loathsome legs after

A close shave, the undiscovered areas where no man has gone before.

It makes a girl ponder whether to wear jeans

With uncleared legs or to rid herself of growth and pursue shorts.

This tribulation makes us girls crazy!

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