Mission & Privacy Statement

Bare It All Personal shavers and trimmers provide effective, safe, low cost hair removal.
Unisex grooming, soft smooth skin, no shaver rash, no red bumps and no ingrown hairs.

Our Aims & Objectives:
We are a small, honest company and we treat our customers in the same way as we ourselves would like to be treated, if we were the customer.

Small Is Good:
We are a small innovative company specializing in hair removal and body grooming tools. Apple started out small in a garage as did Hewlett Packard, Amazon and many other household names. While we are far beyond the garage stage, we are growing each day by providing better value, superior customer service and faster order completion than our competition.

We Sell Via The Internet:
Why do we do this? We know that because of the very personal nature of our hair removal and intimate body grooming, many prefer the anonymity of shopping online, instead of waiting at the checkout in a store. Also our customers don't pay the profit margin for a bricks and mortar store and currently we do not collect sate sales tax.

Our Experience:
Since 2002 we have accumulated much technical experience and research in body hair removal using personal shavers and trimmers. We have produced, to our exacting specifications, personal shavers and pubic trimmers under the Bare-It-Allâ„¢ name and our quality and price beats even mega household brands.

Money Saving Shaving & Eco Friendly:
Our electric rotary shavers do not need water and can deliver a longer lasting smooth shave that exceeds the performance of a razor blade. The blades we use are titanium infused for durability and typically last 12 months,  unlike the vastly more expensive replacement razor blade cartridges need to buy every few weeks. You no longer buy or send to the dump, mountains of rusting plastic and metal razors, discarded shaving creme cans, bottles and containers for various aftershaves and skin moisturizing products.. This could easily save you more than $125 per year in shaving products you no longer need.

Privacy & Confidentiality:
We do not keep or sell mailing lists or reveal what you have purchased. Your order is confidential, private and your credit card statement will only show a purchase from BestBodyShaver.Com.  All orders are shipped immediately in plain unidentifiable packaging so you can shop in private.

This site does not use user identifiable cookies or tracking code. We do not keep, use or sell mailing lists. You can be assured of your complete anonymity and you can use your credit or debit card with 100% peace of mind. Your credit card or bank statement will only show a purchase from BestBodyShaver.Com and will not identify the products bought.

Secure Payments:
We use secure payment systems and we never receive your personal or financial information. This extra layer of protection means your transactions on our website are safer than if made in person at a store.  We may verify all purchases that have shipping addresses NOT previously registered with PayPal or Amazon.