There's much misinformation, folklore and downright lies told about
Hair removal & shaving and we want to correct some of this false information!

Will shaving or other hair removal methods
cause hair to re grow thicker and faster?


And this is not just our opinion - any good doctor will tell you this

Your body hair growth is determined by the male hormone testosterone which both men and women have although in different quantities, and also by genetics. The rate of hair growth and thickness of hair cannot be changed except by altering your body's hormone production which is a very inexact science at best.

The myth of shaving causing hair to re grow thicker and faster started out because wet shaving with a razor blade, is not very effective. The perception that shaved skin that does not stay smooth for more than a day, is due to the fact that water is often used during shaving. This water is absorbed by the skin cells through the process called osmosis. You will have seen this same effect if you stay in the pool or bath tub too long, and your skin gets the wrinkled "prune" look. This swelling of the skin cells and the wrinkling makes it impossible for any blade to cut the hair close to the skin fro a smooth shave. The skin surface puffs up and the swollen skin cells ride up the hair shaft, concealing the base of the hair, so that the razor blade cannot reach it to cut it. Once you finish shaving and your skin dries out, the skin cells will deflate as the water evaporates. This apparent skin shrinkage causes the thicker, jagged portion of the shaved hair to reappear above skin level. This makes you think the hair has reappeared faster and thicker than before, but this is simply cannot happen and is just an illusion. If hair did regrow as a result of shaving the cure for baldness would have been found.

What can I do to avoid and stop
shaver bumps, red bumps & ingrown hairs?


The simple answer is to stop using a safety razor or straight edge razor as these are the principal causes of shaver rash, itching, red bumps and infected ingrown hairs. If you change to an electric shaver with a well designed foil, there is no need to spend money on expensive cremes, gels or lotions to "cure" the ill effects of using a naked blade to scrape across your skin. Any wet blade razor or safety razor scrapes away not only the unwanted hair but also the top layer of your skin, the epidermis, from which the hair grows. This wet shaving damages the skin and this is the actual cause of the familiar shaver rash and shaver burn & red bumps. Blade shaving also tends to cut the hair off at skin level making it easy for the hair to start re growing under the skin causing painful and unsightly skin infections. Also a razor used in the direction of hair growth makes the hair bend and lie down next to the skin and then the blade slices the end of the hair diagonally and not straight across. The thin sliced jagged end of the hair shaft can easily catch on the underside of the skin, bend inwards and downwards, where it becomes infected. Razor blade shaving also trains the hairs to lie down against the skin so a smooth shave is harder to achieve than with a good quality electric shaver.

Laser hair removal or IPL home hair removal
is it safe, effective or permanent?

- Laser hair removal it is not permanent, but as an invasive surgical procedure it can have permanent serious side effects. The amount of advertising and many cleverly crafted web sites persuade you that the procedure is safe and harmless. The safety actually depends on the manufacturer of the laser equipment, often cheaply made in China, as well as the the capability of the laser operator, who is rarely if ever, a qualified dermatologist. Did you know it takes 2 weeks to become a "trained" laser hair removal technician when a laser surgeon has 10 or more years of real medical training? It is a fact that you can be a dentist and advertise a "doctor supervised" laser hair removal services, even though neither the supervising doctor nor the technician performing the procedure, possess any medical qualifications or training in dermatology.. If laser hair removal were harmless there would not be a slew of personal injury attorneys seeking to recover damages for burn victims, some scarred for life.

Laser does not always work, takes many visits and is very expensive. Laser is often claimed to be permanent which it is not. and the US FDA specifically prohibits anyone from saying that it is. The FDA states specifically on its website: "Manufacturers may not claim that laser hair removal is either painless or permanent unless the FDA determines that there are sufficient data to demonstrate such results. Several manufacturers received FDA permission to claim, "permanent reduction," NOT "permanent removal" for their lasers. This means that although laser treatments with these devices will permanently reduce the total number of body hairs, they will not result in a permanent removal of all hair......Permanent hair reduction does not necessarily imply the elimination of all hairs in the treatment area."

The IPL or Intense Pulse Light home hair removal systems cost plenty but have to be made so weak that you cannot burn yourself. So they are largely ineffective although they may cost many hundreds of dollars. It take many weeks to work and the results are not permanent, although the manufacturers claim hair reduction. The smell of burned hair is also an unattractive feature but the potential for damage to eyesight is a more tangible problem.

Hair Removal Cremes And Gels
Can these be used on Private Parts

Depilatory hair removal cremes gels can burn dry and irritate skin

NEVER use any hair removal cremes or gels (especially on your most sensitive skin especially genitals) as burns, and skin dryness result. All hair removal cremes have harsh caustic chemicals in them like calcium hydroxide or thioglycolates which attack and dissolve hair proteins. The problem is that these chemicals are designed to destroy the proteins in the hair but which also attack, dry and burn skin too. Even if your skin does not show immediate ill effects, later on you may experience sun sensitivity, dryness & loss of skin elasticity, causing wrinkles and premature ageing, sometimes years later.

Waxing, Brazilian Waxing, Sugaring, Threading & Epilators
Are they worth the pain and cost?

Depilatory hair removal cremes gels can burn dry and irritate skin

Waxing, epilating, threading or sugaring at home or in the salon can be extremely bad for the skin and may not completely remove the hairs. As well as being painful & expensive, some of which take hours and hours, these methods leave a hole in the skin where the hair once grew & this hole can fill up with bacteria like staphylococcus aureus to cause painful infections & permanent skin damage or discoloration. Waxing may cause the skin to lose elasticity resulting in premature aging.

Plucking or pulling hairs out of the skin can often cause the hair shaft to break off at the skin level. The jagged hair shaft gets caught underneath the skin and grows inwards or sideways to cause infected and painful ingrown hairs. Many people do not realize that wet shaving with a naked razor blade, plucking waxing and epilating can cause painful ingrown hairs.
Natural or Organic Methods Of Hair Removal
The words organic and natural are very appealing but cannot sensibly be applied to any form of hair removal. For those searching for a natural remedy you can do as the ancient Egyptians did and slather honey on the skin, then pull off this coating along with a few of the unwanted body hairs. A dreadful waste of honey in our opinion, and using today's fly paper might be as effective. Ancient Greeks and Romans also used to rub their skin with pumice stone which really did remove the hairs or at least some of them, but it also removed their skin as well. We have even heard of those in search of "natural methods of hair removal" using coffee grounds. This has the same effect as sandpapering and is far from effective or even comfortable. This is probably a silly idea unless you are a Barista at Starbucks with access to mountains of used coffee grounds and don't mind the telltale uneven brown stains on your skin.


A low cost, quick, cheap, effective but very silly hair removal idea


The safe, effective and inexpensive answer
or safe convenient and affordable body hair removal is
Bare It All Shavers & Trimmers !

Instead of expensive and skin damaging methods of hair removal, look again at shaving with an electric personal shaver. NEVER use a 'so called' safety razor or straight edge razor. The naked blades scrapes away your skin as well the unwanted hair and is one of the best ways to get nicks, but, bumps, rash and ingrown hairs

A single head rotary electric of either the Mk 2 shaver or the newer improved Mk 3 shaver is simply the safest, least costly and most effective way to remove or trim back unwanted hair at home . A single head personal shaver is better than the broad blade reciprocal face shavers, because it can get into the nooks and crannies of the body easily to deliver a shave as smooth as a razor blade or waxing.

You will save a fortune not having to buy aftershaves, cremes, lotions and potions to repair skin damaged by using a razor blade. Self sharpening blades on our electric personal shavers that last 12 months or more, save you more than the cost of the shaver itself as you won't need to buy those overpriced replacement blade cartridges for the traditional safety razor that last only a few weeks.


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